Cloud Security For Your Startup

We are one ourselves!

Startups + Security + Cloudanix

Building a company is not easy. We know that most of the security products available are very expensive. As a startup team, you are left to choose between Building a Secure Solution Vs Saving Costs. We don't want a world where startups have to go through this dilemma.

Doing our bit

We have crafted a plan just for Startups. Our Startup plan offers 90% discount for your first cloud account. Hopefully, this will help you build a Secure First solution right from the get go.

Plan Details

We are both are in this, together!

You get

90% off on our Pro plan for 1 account for the 1st year. You also get access to all our Alpha features.


Raised no more than $2M in funding. Not currently on any of our paid plans.

What happens after 1 year

You can chose our Pro plan.

What's the next step?

Apply from below. If you haven't tried the product yet, you can also sign up and get 2 weeks of free trial.