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The _C_ words of DevOps and How you cannot miss them

The “C” words of DevOps and How you cannot miss them

Finding ways to make a business more effective and efficient is not an easy task. Suppose your organization provides software development services to the general public. In that case, you need to find a way to make this process quick and painless for your customers. The best way to reduce ...

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The DevOps Jobs Report

The DevOps Jobs Report

The DevOps jobs market is growing, and there has been a rising demand for DevOps professionals. Companies of all scales have seen compelling evidence of the benefits DevOps has to offer in terms of productivity, improved quality of service, higher customer satisfaction, and cost savings. This theory is backed by ...

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DevOps Best Practices For Startups

A Comprehensive List Of DevOps Best Practices For Startups

In this article, I will be presenting to you a comprehensive list of DevOps Best Practices for Startups. We will be covering the below topics: What is DevOps? How should startups incorporate the best practices of DevOps? Conclusion What is DevOps? DevOps is a term that is mostly used nowadays; ...

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DevOps and Cloud Certifications

DevOps and Cloud Certifications To Invest In 2021

Experience makes us perfect, and it stands applicable in every field. So if you are an aspiring cloud developer, you should make sure that your career graph has an added advantage compared to the others. Investments over any course demand a surety of the benefit that we will receive after ...

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Cloudanix DevOps

A Complete Guide On How An Individual Can Practice Continuous DevOps

Introduction DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an enterprise’s ability to deliver applications and services at a very high speed. It also evolves and improves products faster than enterprises using traditional software for development and infrastructure management processes. The work of a DevOps engineer ...

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What success looks like?

Metrics For Defining Your DevOps Goals and Call It A Success

Measuring your DevOps' success rate in your organization is not like a regular term paper you turn in. There is no guaranteed way to give it an A+ because it looks perfect or a B- just because it has some loopholes, according to you. There are several factors associated with ...

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Stop Making These DevOps Mistakes

If You Are Doing These DevOps Things, You Are Doing It Completely Wrong

DevOps stands for Development and Operations Collaboration. It is a strategy or a methodology that bridges the gap between the Development Team and the Operations team. It is a practice in which the development teams and the operations team work together for the entire project cycle. DevOps facilitates continuous integration ...

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Cloud Logs

CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Splunk, Custom logs solution. How do you make sense of these?

To understand what is going on in the AWS environment, your Cloud Operations team member (or your engineering team member) needs a defined and robust system for ingesting log and then analyzing & reacting.

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DevOps Must Have Top 10 Tools For Collaboration around Cloud Workloads

Introduction DevOps enables both the Software engineers and the CloudOps professionals to work as a team throughout the entire software development cycle. This cycle begins with the ideation and ends with production support. DevOps ensures involving Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD), popularly known as CI/ CD. Earlier development and ...

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