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The Cloud Environment is growing really fast in today’s world. New cloud services arising each day, accomplishing and keeping a significant association level among so many assets and worldwide groups may seem like a difficult task. But nothing is impossible. Getting visibility for your cloud operations can be done quickly ...

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DevOps and Cloud Certifications

DevOps and Cloud Certifications To Invest In 2021

Experience makes us perfect, and it stands applicable in every field. So if you are an aspiring cloud developer, you should make sure that your career graph has an added advantage compared to the others. Investments over any course demand a surety of the benefit that we will receive after ...

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Green Cloud Computing

What is Green Cloud Computing?

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is global warming and climate change. Global warming and climate change have been the root cause of many natural disasters in 2020. The bushfires that ravaged Australia and the floods that nearly sank Jakarta in early 2020; the breaching of two dams ...

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Expensive Mistake

A Big List Of Mistakes AWS Cloud Users Have Done And Spent Millions

Amazon Web Services lets us rapidly deploy and scale our applications that would not have been possible had we used traditional IT infrastructures and processes. It could also be the reason why it is easy to lose track of what you have running at a particular time, which eventually can ...

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HIPAA Compliance

A Quick Introduction To HIPAA Compliance For A Busy Cloud User

HIPAA compliance is a living entity that most health care organizations must implement into their business in order to protect the security, privacy, and integrity of protected health information.

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