Zero Trust Architecture, DevOps vs. NoOps and Online Mentorship | Cloudanix Weekly Newsletter #5

Dev Tips, Tools, Culture

  • “The ability to right-size your product team for the challenges your company faces is a secret weapon.” Facebook’s Vice President of Product, Nikhyl Singhal shares his thoughts on the phases product teams go through, and how these teams must change to transition between these stages gracefully.

  • Ever wondered about browser compatibility for a specific web API or needed a quick and easy way to reduce image sizes for improving website load times? Here’s a collection of 9 developer tools that you might find useful during various stages of development.

  • “Design patterns are formalized best practices that the programmer can use to solve common problems when designing an application or system.” Click here to read more about design patterns for modern web APIs and how they can be used to create software that is more maintainable, flexible and easier to understand.

  • If you’re a developer who wants to shift their career towards a DevOps model, or have a little experience with technology and want to make a career change, then check out this multi-part series of articles on how to become a DevOps engineer in six months or less.

Cloud Operations

  • “Zero Trust Architecture is an alternative security model that addresses the fundamental flaw of traditional strategies—that data only needs to be protected from outside of an organization.” The UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre has shared an alpha release for zero trust architecture design principles on Github. These principles can help you design and deploy a secure end-to-end, zero trust architecture.

  • Here’s an in-depth look at how you can isolate your Google Kubernetes Engine clusters from internet access to ensure that workloads run on Google Cloud Platform are completely secure.

  • Click here to read more about PHP Functions Framework – an open-source library that enables you to easily deploy PHP applications to Cloud Run.

  • You’ve heard of DevOps, now get ready for the new buzzword in the cloud transformation trend – NoOps. NoOps aims to “make everything deployable by design with no effort from anybody.”

  • Here’s how you can build super-slim Docker containers for your project. The guide covers some of the major factors that affect container size and tips to minimize the final size of a Docker image.

  • If you’ve ever been frustrated at the lack of readily available educational material on load balancing, then look no further! Here’s an in-depth guide that provides a simple overview of modern network load balancing and proxying.

From Popular Sources

  • Here’s a story about how one man used self-regulation, instead of self-control, and “progressive overload” to lose weight and completely transform his body in just a year.

  • A great manager creates “a workplace where all employees feel comfortable both making decisions alone and asking for advice when it’s needed.” A manager can achieve this by adopting a better approach to their weekly 1:1 meetings.

  • Want to learn more about startup investments? FundersClub has an excellent guide for everything you’d need to know about how startup investing really works.

  • Need an online mentor? Here’s a huge list of online mentoring platforms that enable you to connect with a mentor. The list includes a variety of mentorship platforms that can help you with your startup, business, programming skills and much more!