Worry Breaks, Value Generation for Platform Teams, and Why Amazon Hates Honey | Cloudanix Newsletter #4

Dev Tips, Tools, Culture

  • Click here to find out why group brainstorming sessions are largely ineffective and how you can accomplish creative problem-solving in your team, using the Scientific Method.

  • If you’re a SaaS developer who uses open-source projects, check out this summary of the key legal obligations associated with some of the most popular public licenses.

  • After working for six years as a solo consultant, Burkhard Stubert has distilled his experience down to three main lessons. Click here to read about the inherently problematic nature of hourly billing, how to get potential customers to contact you, and how productized services can maximize your profit.

  • During your last retrospective, did all the participants speak up and share their opinions? Or were they mostly silent, barely communicating anything beyond a nod? Chances are, your team is experiencing a case of groupthink. Read more about how groupthink develops in a team and how you can avoid it.

  • Take a look at how Hugo Reeves used a combination of the Nix language and NixOS to dramatically improve his dotfile management.

Cloud Operations

  • Exploding data volume is a significant challenge facing large organizations in 2020. Monitoring Monitoring offers a look at some of the projects addressing this problem, specifically for teams using several Kubernetes clusters with Prometheus for monitoring.

  • Grafana Labs recently unveiled its new open-source project – Tanka. It uses Jsonnet for deploying to Kubernetes, overcoming some of the challenges associated with using YAML and Helm.

  • Here’s a small experiment, conducted by the folks over at Mockadillo, that shows just how important it is to maintain system security when managing your own server.

  • Galo Navarro offers a deep-dive into how platform teams can formulate a clear and realistic value proposition for a business by focussing on a PaaS that helps engineers across an organization build, deploy and operate software in the cloud.

  • According to a Goldman Sachs survey, Microsoft continues to be the most popular supplier of public cloud services, although Amazon does lead the market overall in terms of revenue.

From Popular Sources

  • Melody Wilding, LMSW, has a fantastic technique for helping her clients overcome worry and anxiety. If you struggle with overthinking and want to snap out of the anxiety cycle, you can read more about worry breaks here.

  • Here’s a story of how a sudden account termination led to one man migrating away from the Google ecosystem. The article also covers the alternatives he found to the 20+ Google apps and services that he was previously dependant on.

  • Here’s an in-depth look at precisely how an Olympic athlete has a more efficient running style than a recreational runner. The page illustrates these differences with some really neat scroll animations!

  • Honey is a popular browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. Here’s why Amazon considers it to be a “security risk.”

  • Is it true that the only path to true happiness as a young programmer lies in founding a startup? Jeff Atwood, a co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, disagrees with this notion.