Newsletter – Well begun is half done

Week of December 9, 2019

Dev Tips, Tools, Culture


  • Automate code reviews with Amazon CodeGuru – a machine learning service that enables you to find and fix a variety of different code issues at low, on-demand pricing.
  • Want to add animated GIFs to your HTML page? Check out gifshot – a versatile JavaScript library that enables you to create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images.

Deep Learning

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is the underlying protocol that makes web-based SSO possible. Duo’s Senior Security Solutions Engineer Greg Seador explains how it works here.
  • The Open Web Application Security Project’s Top 10 Vulnerabilities List was intended to help the development community keep their products secure. In a blog post, WhiteSource explains how this list has been misinterpreted to be merely a checklist instead of a guide to coding more securely.
  • Looking to start your own service-based business? Here’s an in-depth guide from the author of Experiment Without Limits.

From Popular Sources

  • Website relaunches are awful, time-consuming affairs that usually fail to deliver the expected results. In his presentation at the Digital Summit, Pantheon’s CEO and Co-Founder, Zack Rosen, explains that there’s “a better way – the agile way.”
  • A fin-tech business owner shared a brief look at some of the challenges he’s facing running a small agency where all his employees work remotely. 
  • OpenText’s VP of Strategic Development, Anthony di Bello, shares his thoughts on the impact of security regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and how companies are struggling to maintain compliance in a world of constant change.
  • Dylan Paulus offers a quick look at some of the techniques Facebook employs to bypass ad blockers.