Author: Udit Agarwal

AWS CloudTrail

All You Need To Know About AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a service that helps to simplify the compliance audits by automatically recording and storing event logs for actions that are made within a user AWS account. AWS CloudTrail integrated with Amazon CloudWatch Logs to offer a convenient way to search through log data, expedite responses to auditor requests, accelerate incident investigations, and

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AWS Security

Various Tools From AWS Which Help You With Compliance

Amazon Web Services provides several useful security tools as a starting point for any organization. So, here is various Tools AWS Gives to help you with compliance.

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DevOps Checklist

Why Your DevOps Team Should Have A Checklist And What Should It Cover?

The DevOps Checklist is neither unique nor static, there is no such hard and fast rule that describes the DevOps, but it should be adapted to the enterprise requirement, human interactions, and some other specific criteria.

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AWS Cloud Compliance

Understanding AWS Cloud Compliance

Nowadays, Cloud compliance is one of the significant issues among users. Any organizations that are using the cloud services must make sure that they follow all the rules, laws, and regulations of the cloud so that their business runs smoothly and at a good pace. And also, organizations need to ensure that they have a good understanding and knowledge about their data and their infrastructure.

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HIPAA Compliance

A Quick Introduction To HIPAA Compliance For A Busy Cloud User

HIPAA compliance is a living entity that most health care organizations must implement into their business in order to protect the security, privacy, and integrity of protected health information.

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