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AWS RDS Misconfigurations

Complete List of AWS RDS Misconfigurations

Amazon RDS manages your cloud and data backup, software patching, automatic failure detection, and recovery, which protects you and your organization from misconfigurations. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that allows you to focus on your application and gives them the fast performance, high availability, security, ...

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AWS IAM Misconfigurations

A Complete List of AWS IAM Misconfigurations

Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) permits you to manipulate and get entry to AWS offerings and sources securely. For example, using IAM, you may create and manipulate AWS customers and groups and use permissions to permit or deny their entry to AWS resources. IAM is a ...

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How Can Your Application Accomplish ISO 27001 in AWS Cloud

How Can Your Application Accomplish ISO 27001 in AWS Cloud?

In this article, we will take a look at how your application can accomplish ISO 27001 in AWS Cloud. International Organization for Standardisation, also known as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, is an international body that governs the specific set of laws and regulations to secure the information. It partners with the International ...

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Tagging Strategies

The Cloud Environment is growing really fast in today’s world. New cloud services arising each day, accomplishing and keeping a significant association level among so many assets and worldwide groups may seem like a difficult task. But nothing is impossible. Getting visibility for your cloud operations can be done quickly ...

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How To Reduce Your AWS Cloud Cost

How To Reduce Your AWS Cloud Cost?

When the bills from your cloud service provider kick in, we regret the services we subscribed to and used only once in a while. Even a cheaper looking service adds up to the pile of bill money we ought to pay at the end of the day or month. This ...

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HIPAA Compliance

A Practical Guide To Achieving HIPAA Compliance In AWS

We all are concerned with maintaining security and data protection. That being said, cloud compliance enforces the laws and regulations governing data security and privacy. This step can be seen as a revolutionary volcano erupting to destroy or minimize the cyber-crimes and breaches, costing millions of dollars and customer credentials! ...

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AWS Events and Changes You Should Track For Your AWS Account Security and Operational Excellence

AWS CloudTrail service captures and publishes every action taken or change performed across any other AWS services. These changes could come as a result of Console use by a user An application running it’s code A SaaS partner using assume role running/ accessing some API in your account An event ...

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A detailed guide on deploying a web application on Google Cloud Run

We love Google Cloud Run. We deployed the "Checklist" app on Google Cloud Run. Here's is a list of steps that we followed to deploy this Rails app on Google Cloud Run.

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A Complete Developer’s Guide to Single Sign On (SSO) For Enterprise Applications

This in depth guide is written for Developers and Operators to demystify role of SSO, Oauth, SAML, IDP and various providers like Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, Ping Identity etc.

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WordPress installation on a subdirectory of an existing app (Ruby On Rails)

We didn’t want our blog to be on but instead the way it’s right now The web application is primarily a Ruby On Rails application hosted on Google Cloud. We wanted a WordPress site as a subdirectory to an existing web application which was running on a ...

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