Day: July 12, 2020

Increased Cybersecurity attacks is an ugly truth this pandemic but your organization can avoid being a victim

Due to current Covid-19 pandemic situation, Internet usage increased with increase in cyber attacks. Few tips to Cybersecurity are here. Cloudanix welcomes you!

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Stop Making These DevOps Mistakes

If You Are Doing These DevOps Things, You Are Doing It Completely Wrong

DevOps (Development and Operations) Collaboration. Things you did it wrong way, Get it on right track with us. Cloudanix knows it all. Try Cloudanix!

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Cloud Logs

CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Splunk, Custom logs solution. How do you make sense of these?

To find what's going on in the AWS environment, These CloudTrail, CloudWatch and Splunk are some tools that can help you. Read more about this on Cloudanix!

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