Day: July 11, 2020

DevOps Checklist

Why Your DevOps Team Should Have A Checklist And What Should It Cover?

The DevOps Checklist is neither unique nor static, there is no such hard and fast rule. Here are some things that we think are important. Visit and get known!

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A Practical Step by Step Guide To Prevent Security Breach Of Your AWS Account

Lets dive into the several methods you can incorporate in your AWS working to stay safe from security breaches! Cloudanix team is always there for you. Try now!

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What is the difference between NIST, CIS/SANS 20, ISO 27001 Compliance Standards?

Know the difference between Compliance Standards like NIST, CIS/SANS 20, and ISO 27001 which are best used to assess their security & maturity. Read more!

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DevOps Must Have Top 10 Tools For Collaboration around Cloud Workloads

DevOps enables both the engineers and the CloudOps professionals to work as a team all over the DevOps cycle. Cloudanix brings you the top 10 must-have tools.

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